Business is more…

...than apples falling from trees

“I truly love the beautiful clarity of Newton’s laws: gravity ensures that every ripe apple falls towards the ground – and we can rely on it 100%, except when we work with humans.”

Having started as an engineer, this reliability was my guiding mental model: mathematics and physics can predict the future. And it was only little shaken when, as part of my master theses, I analysed mathematical algorithms to improve our ability to predict the failure probability of aerospace structures. Solely a lack of precision in evaluating the input parameters was able to undermine the accuracy of the outcome.

This enthusiasm escorted me when I turned towards business. Alike our ancestors who started only 100 years after Newton’s discoveries to derive the foundations for today’s economic construct of ideas from physical laws, I got intrigued by the clarity of our economic models. Even after my attempt to transfer the mathematical models for probability into business had clearly shown that even a handful of uncertain parameters make any business case completely arbitrary, I didn’t get sceptic right away.

It was only when I was first tasked with the apparent impossible – the challenge to lead factories against all economic odds out of a crisis – when I started realizing that a major set of factors seems to miss in our economic world view: the human potential. Following the mantra that we only get what we measure, we have actually constraint our business formulas to a myopic view on those factors which are easy to capture. But those simplifications that worked in the past in largely tayloristic systems have reached the limits of validity in a world of globalization, highly disruptive technology evolutions and planetary challenges which start threatening our children.

After experiencing over the past 20 years the miraculous transformation of multiple organisations lead with a human focus, I have decided to move this quest in the center of my attention by founding the GCH Institute: the collaborative search for the holy grail where business success is truly aligned with a culture of human growth and self-fulfillment and where its business models create sustainable prosperity.

About Dr. Rüdiger Fox

Before becoming Partner of SecondMuse and later founding the GCH-Institue, Ruediger worked for many years as CEO of medium and large corporations in Aerospace, Telecom and Engineering/Innovation. He has a record driving organizational change and transformation through values-driven strategies.

His past successes where he transformed companies in existential crisis into successful market players was rooted in a strong belief in the power of high employee motivation along with a shared corporate soul. The approach has not only led to high economic success in formerly unsuccessful market niches, but also to a renewed corporate culture of shared passion.

Ruediger holds a PhD in Philosophy, a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor in Economics. In 2005, he received the “Spirit at Work” award in New York for his human centered restructuring work.

About our Team at SecondMuse

The SecondMuse team is composed of people with various educational and project experience background which are all deeply motivated by the belief that the key to human prosperity is the intersection of diverse thinking and coordinated action to solve tough challenges. We are developing collaborative solutions that have a lasting impact to system transformation in global companies, communities, cities and countries around the world. We help organizations to solve systems-level grand challenges, governments more effectively utilize their resources and connect with citizens, and corporations leverage their strength and break silos to solve complex problems.

For the GCH-Institute, SecondMuse is the collaborative design agency for organizational interventions.

About Kathrin Austermayer

Aside her work for the GCH-Institute, Kathrin is also the founder and CEO of C4C GLOBAL. She works as an executive & personal coach, facilitator of transformation, mediator and culture change consultant across a broad range of industries.

Entrepreneur, Coach, Mediator, Actress – Kathrin’s journey evolves around inner exploration and outer expression. With a professional background in international project management, change management, education & the performing arts, she uses her interdisciplinary background to challenge and inspire her clients to evolve to the next level. Blending her passion for personal growth, timeless wisdom and modern science she is a visionary when it comes to creating new concepts for business that combine practicality with heart and intellect.

Kathrin holds a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Innsbruck and a Bachelor degree in Social- & Health Care Management from the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

About Sjoerd Luteyn

Sjoerd is an entrepreneur for more than 17 years and he is a co-founder of Refresh Interactions. Refresh accompanies organizations to transform into communities. This is done by a process of building strong relations inside and outside the organization; relations based on trust and a common purpose.

Within the GCH-Institute, Sjoerd is responsible for the design of “Finding the Soul” workshops, aiming to identify the unique Corporate Soul of an organization, and supports organizations on their journey to become communities on individual, communal and institutional level.

Sjoerd is always looking for deeper layers and essence; stories that reveal patterns of why people are engaged with one another and what are the root causes of why systems are behaving in a specific way.

As being educated in communication & marketing, art-direction & design and classical music (piano), Sjoerd has developed a unique perspective on how things are related. From this perspectives he accompanies organisations to develop creative ways of observing, thinking and doing; he helps to develop an authentic narrative of what makes the community work; and he stimulate to think systemically and to consider different perspectives before setting out a new direction of travel.

About Oscar Mendez Rosa

Oscar Mendez Rosa is founder of His work has always been guided by two fundamental concepts: the spiritual reality of men and the inherent nobility of human beings.

At an early age, Oscar has been dedicating his energies to building communities and contributing to collective well-being and prosperity. He has worked in over 40 countries in four continents and has interacted with people from different cultures. He has been trained in The Netherlands in communication and design and has more than 20 years of experience in business and large corporations.

His passion is to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of transforming companies into communities and how this comes about. Within the GCH-Institute, he is therefore carrying out research in different fields of knowledge, including religion, philosophy, business, social studies, and economics. Oscar loves to help people elevate their view on reality so that their inner volition is unlocked to contribute to a more prosperous and just society.


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