Losing efficiency through Motivational Osmosis ?
Suffering innovation slow-down?
Lacking client magnetism ?


Losing efficiency through
Motivational Erosion ?

The Gross Corporate Happiness® model provides guidance on how to activate the core characteristics of an agile startup culture into large organizations.

Presenteeism undermines organizational efficiency with increasing complexity

“72% OF US WORKERS ARE NOT ENGAGED in their work. Defined as essentially sleep walking throughout their day. Active disengagement costs to the U.S. economy are estimated at $450 billion to $550 billion per year.”(Gallup, 2013)


Suffering innovation slow-down ?

The Gross Corporate Happiness® framework helps to identify the key “acupuncture points” in an organization to create a fertile environment for co-creative innovation.

Employee Loyalty and Collaboration in decline

“NEARLY ONE IN THREE US WORKERS IS SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING LEAVING his/her organization at the present time, with raising trend towards the young – a 50% increase from 2005.” (Mercer, 2011). “18% of disengaged employees actually undermine their co-workers success.” (Gallup, 2013)


Lacking client magnetism ?

The Gross Corporate Happiness® approach elevates the organizational culture on a level that allows intrinsic motivation to flow and to manifest in its products and services.

Ambassador attitude is key in demanding markets

“78% WOULD RECOMMEND THEIR COMPANY’S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, against 13% of the disengaged.” (Gallup, 2003) “2,5x MORE REVENUES for companies with engaged employees vs. competitors with low engagement level.” (Hay Group, 2010)

What if you would change your paradigms?

  • Sustainable Change through Transformation from Inside

  • Energized by the Intrinsic Motivation of the entire organization

  • Designed out of the Understanding of the Future


Rooted in a physical worldview of some 250 years ago, our todays understanding of the functionalities in our economy still largely excludes the human factor from its equations. While this has been a reasonable simplification in the past where closed systems were predominant, the new millennium has catapulted us into an increasingly open economic system where human motivation becomes vital for corporate and organizational resilience.

Autonomous efficiency, co-creative innovation and client magnetism – to name a few – are key to success in a globally connected world and are all primary driven by the level of intrinsic motivation of the human individuals in our organization.

The Gross Corporate Happiness®-model was developed to reflect all core domains that are relevant to human motivation in a work context. It ensures that transformation processes are centered around optimal conditions that allows the human potential to fully expand.

It has been inspired by the GNH model of Bhutan and proven in its holistic claim through extensive research and real life application in various industries and organizations.

Get more Information on Gross Corporate Happiness

We can provide you with more material to the Gross Corporate Happiness® framework, including an overall understanding of the scientific background as well as more details about the core elements of the concept of Gross Corporate Happiness® and its nine domains, vital for motivation in the work context.

Business is more than apples falling from trees.


Dr. Rüdiger Fox

“After experiencing over the past 20 years the miraculous transformation of multiple organisations lead with a human focus, I have decided to move this quest in the center of my attention by founding the GCH Institute: the collaborative search for the holy grail where business success is truly aligned with a culture of human growth and self-fulfillment and where its business models create sustainable prosperity.”

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How to work with us?

Working with us means committing to a collaborative journey where we jointly challenge the status quo of traditional business thinking in order to sustainably transform economic systems – with the goal to comply with the needs of humanity in the 21st century and a globalized world.

For this endeavor, we search for organizations and companies which have recognized the limitations of continuous improvement strategies and who are ready to pioneer in this field by experimenting with new business paradigms that all have one thing in common: an uncompromised focus on the human potential in its center.

Being aware that our quest is a constant learning process, we will be openly sharing our most recent knowledge and experience, which is also the basis of our research partnerships, in order to allow open access for everybody to the most recent knowledge in this field.

  • “We have seen within the past 18 months a complete transformation of an entire workplace. Not only a new future was build through a strong increase in efficiency, but it was our joint effort, from the little worker to top management who build an unprecedented culture of cooperation”

    Head of Workers’ Council
  • "The Management jointly with the employees in Offenburg have successfully demonstrated how the combination of a clear business focus with spiritual principles like service attitude, honesty and passion, can lead to both, econonmic success and high satisfaction of all workforce. This development became our global benchmark for new aquisitions and turn-around."

  • "Since the factory was taken over by new management, our relationship between customer and supplier can be described in three words: Trust, Service Attitude and Success. In 18 months, a highly complex new contractual relationship was handled with the utmost fairness and honesty and crowned by a price reduction which exceeded by far any contractual obligations. The service attitude is without question and a strong basis for our own business success. Very rarely have we experienced anything alike."

    Former Customer

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