Overview of the Gross Corporate Happiness® Institute Consulting and Training Service Portfolio

The GCH Institute offers a broad range of tailored consulting and training services related to the Gross Corporate Happiness® model.

This comprises consulting related to business strategy and leadership development, business and business process management as well as organization development and human resource management including personnel recruitment, public relations, marketing and corporate identity. It also provides assistance in transformation processes including mergers and acquisitions.

It furthermore offers taylored leadership and management training and coaching, namely, in the field of human resource management, employee motivation, collaboration, process management, leadership and innovation.


Re-activate the Corporate Soul to allow Intrinsic Motivation to emerge

Gross Corporate Happiness® Transformation Projects coach companies to evolve into resilient and passionate communities.

More than 50% of all re-organizations are not accepted by the employees; many restructuring projects, aiming to increase performance, fail to deliver sustainable success. This is due to a large extent to the fact that they are mostly based on old economic paradigms. The 10 phases of Gross Corporate Happiness® Transformation Projects target transformation from inside through a transformational trinity of cognitive disruption, emotional containment and the elevation of consciousness, focus on the future business portfolio and build on broad activation of intrinsic motivation in order to ensure sustainable positive impact, carried forward by the entire organization.

Align your Product with your Soul      

Gross Corporate Happiness® Accompaniment Process for Start-ups to escort their take-off.

One of the most critical phases for Start-ups begins when successful growth forces them to leave their familiar creative space and new external expectations need to be met. To many team members, it feels as if they are betraying the shared culture when new organizational and process requirements appear to signal mistrust, commitments toclients impose deadlines and budgets threaten to limit creativity. The Gross Corporate Happiness® Accompaniment Process helps to safeguard the common soul and harmoniously embed the new requirements into the shared passion.

Increase your IPO survival probability by 25%

Gross Corporate Happiness® Transition Process in the pre- and post-IPO phase to boost the founding spirit.

One of the main reasons for IPOs to fail is their inability to transit from a “best friends”culture into an efficient organization. Used to a high level of personal relations and human attention, broad autonomy and abundant creative space, many key members of the initial team decide to leave when they are confronted with the “cold face” of organizational principles. The Gross Corporate Happiness® Transition Process ensures that this cultural change is co-created and the all critical work domains are shaped in a way that maintains the original culture.

Identify the dormant human potential

Gross Corporate Happiness® Due Diligence for investors to evaluate the true human potential.

Increasingly, investment decisions disappoint expectations – even though they are based on a preceding in-depth fact-finding process. This is due to the fact that none of the standard Due Diligence processes, maythey be financial, operations, legal or any other, is able to identify the human potential which is not only key to current performance, but especially to that of the future. The scientifically validated Gross Corporate Happiness® Due Diligence provides Investors with a unique transparency regarding the human potential of the target and its key trigger points, in order to further elevate its performance.

Have a 21st century leadership standard certified

Gross Corporate Happiness® Certification for supervisory boards to ensure cultural compliance and leadership excellence.

While leadership is increasingly key for corporate success, reality shows that executive management is rarely measured and rewarded on its leadership performance. But being trusted with a Supervisory role, relying on executive management reporting doesn’t relieve Boards from their personal accountability. The calibrated Gross Corporate Happiness® Certification provides a systematic analysis of the organizational level of maturity and consciousness, and makes it possible to objectively evaluate the processes and practices in place, to create an optimal workspace for the human potential to flourish and build resilience for the future.

Get your economic mental models disrupted

Gross Corporate Happiness® Keynotes, Lectures and Workshops will force you to leave familiar mental spaces.

Are you sure your company will still exist a few years from now – or don’t you want to know?! In the light of emergent technologies, globalization, new megatrends and natural limits of growth, continuous innovation, agility and collaboration is needed for sustainable success. Gross Corporate Happiness® Keynotes, Conference Papers and Dinner Speeches will lift the curtain from current economic mental models and paradigms and help you to start thinking about how to invent your future.


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