Gross Corporate Happiness® - The integral 3x3 of intrinsic motivation

Analogous to the GNH model, the Gross Corporate Happiness® framework consists of the 9 life domains, vital for the work context. They represent the key factors for Competence, Relatedness and Autonomy on a corporate, team and individual level and as such form a 3×3 matrix which fully embodies the most relevant motivation theories, i.e. the Self Determination Theory (E.L. Deci / R.M. Ryan) as well as the Hierarchy Model of Motivation (R.J. Vallerand).

What is this all about?

Due to its scientific background, the Gross Corporate Happiness® model avoids the typical bias of a dominating focus on short term desires and the broad negligence of major framework conditions that many other motivation models suffer due to their foundation in empirical opinion polls, as R.A. Easterlin and others have intensively demonstrated.

Each domain is reflected through 2-6 individual factors (KPIs) which are designed to allow an objectivized evaluation of compliance in any organizational or corporate environment, and can replace extensive and partially subjective employee inquiries, which often show decreasing usefulness over time.

Its integral effectiveness and holistic scope has been successfully validated in an extensive research program with globally operating and publically traded corporations of various sizes and industry segments.

9 Domains of the
Gross Corporate Happiness® Framework


The Corporate Soul represents the unique culture of the organization, its identity, language and values. It is able to connect history with the future mission and is able to energize collective aspiration and transformation.


    A Learning Organization provides individual space for personal growth within a trusting learning culture. Supported by systemic thinking and continuous challenging of paradigms, it helps to constantly outgrow mental limitations.


      A culture of Integral Recognition encompasses a balanced system of material remuneration and an open and constructive feedback-culture within a secure and respectful work environment. This combination ensures a balanced and reliable mutual relationship resulting from the physical and psychological working contract.


        A credible Corporate Sustainability strategy embraces full responsibility for the entire supply chain. By seeking actively strategic opportunities within global challenges, apparently conflicting interests become aligned and mutually reinforcing.


          Transforming companies into communities nourishes a safe culture of collaboration, where inclusion of diversity contributes to high intensity of co-creativity and innovation.


            Care comprises the behaviors and infrastructure for physical and mental care of all employees. Balancing preventive interventions and optional encouragement ensures the needed respectful attitudes.


              Transparency combined with trust in Servant Leadership creates the framework for intensive active involvement and enables the shift from command/control to Trusted Efficiency, especially in complex environments.


                Integral Psychological Wellbeing is able to merge a positive work experience with a high level of stimulation. This allows increased consciousness and autonomous engagement to naturally emerge.

                  LIFETIME BALANCE

                  In order to maintain a healthy work environment, any sustainable organization needs to ensure that Time consumed by work is in Balance with time spent for other vital life domains and that protected recovery periods are guaranteed.

                    • “We have seen within the past 18 months a complete transformation of an entire workplace. Not only a new future was build through a strong increase in efficiency, but it was our joint effort, from the little worker to top management who build an unprecedented culture of cooperation”

                      Head of Workers’ Council
                    • "The Management jointly with the employees in Offenburg have successfully demonstrated how the combination of a clear business focus with spiritual principles like service attitude, honesty and passion, can lead to both, econonmic success and high satisfaction of all workforce. This development became our global benchmark for new aquisitions and turn-around."

                    • "Since the factory was taken over by new management, our relationship between customer and supplier can be described in three words: Trust, Service Attitude and Success. In 18 months, a highly complex new contractual relationship was handled with the utmost fairness and honesty and crowned by a price reduction which exceeded by far any contractual obligations. The service attitude is without question and a strong basis for our own business success. Very rarely have we experienced anything alike."

                      Former Customer


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