Gross Corporate Happiness® Transformation Projects

Coach companies to evolve into resilient and passionate communities

“72% of US workers are not engaged in their work. Not Engaged employees are essentially “checked out.” They’re sleepwalking through their workday, putting time — but not energy or passion — into their work.”

State of the American Workplace Report 2013, Gallup

What is this about?

Re-activate the corporate soul

The cost of “presenteeism” to the industrialized economies has exceeded by a factor of two the cost of absenteeism – not including the consequential damage of low innovation performance and poor client service. Representing one of the biggest economic potentials in business in the 21st Century, uncountable attempts strive to optimize organizational structures and processes in order to excavate this unutilized human resource. But more than 50% of all reorganizations lack acceptance by the employees and many restructuring projects fail to deliver sustainable success.

This is to a large extent due to the fact that most of them are grounded in old economic paradigms. Increasing carrots and sticks cannot redirect “Motivational Osmosis”, which has started to gradually shift motivation of a whole generation to life domains outside of the traditional workplaces. Instead of working on symptoms, the 10 phases of Gross Corporate Happiness® Transformation Projects focus on organizational transformation from inside, aim for creating the future business portfolio and build on broad activation of intrinsic motivation in order to ensure a sustainable positive change that is carried forward by the entire organization.

How does it work?

Elevating the organizational consciousness

Instead of designing interventions within a small leadership circle, any GCH Transformation Project starts with the creation of a common understanding across the entire organisation for the need for change as well as the collective identification and verbalization of its unique corporate soul. In a further phase, an integral evaluation of the compatibility between products, people and processes along a calibrated framework serves to identify the gap to the desired image of the future.


On this basis, autonomous start-up-like project cells will be broadly initiated, aiming to design and create new organizational prototypes which will serve as decision basis for a corporate wide up-scaling. Simultaneously, any existing change projects will be put into context and re-evaluated in order to optimize their efficiency.


Throughout the entire transformation process, the Gross Corporate Happiness®-framework will ensure that the right “acupuncture points” are activated to elevate the corporate environment in a way that sustainable motivation can grow and active co-creation is broadly embraced. Supported by the broad visualisation of the future, consistent progress self-monitoring will ensure that the transformation progress is tracked by the entire organization.

  • Transformational Trinity

  • P3 Gap Analysis

  • Prototyping

  • Roll out of the movement

What do you get?

  • Embracement of the change project by the entire organization.
  • Definition of a jointly desired future, aligned with the Corporate Soul.
  • Gap analysis between product, people and processes.
  • Reintegration of Motivational Osmosis through the GCH framework.
  • Creative start-up like energization of the organization.
  • Largely autonomous scaling-up by an empowered organization.
  • “We have seen within the past 18 months a complete transformation of an entire workplace. Not only a new future was build through a strong increase in efficiency, but it was our joint effort, from the little worker to top management who build an unprecedented culture of cooperation”

    Head of Workers’ Council
  • "The Management jointly with the employees in Offenburg have successfully demonstrated how the combination of a clear business focus with spiritual principles like service attitude, honesty and passion, can lead to both, econonmic success and high satisfaction of all workforce. This development became our global benchmark for new aquisitions and turn-around."

  • "Since the factory was taken over by new management, our relationship between customer and supplier can be described in three words: Trust, Service Attitude and Success. In 18 months, a highly complex new contractual relationship was handled with the utmost fairness and honesty and crowned by a price reduction which exceeded by far any contractual obligations. The service attitude is without question and a strong basis for our own business success. Very rarely have we experienced anything alike."

    Former Customer


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