Gross Corporate Happiness® Accompaniment Process

for Start-ups to escort their take-off

“42% of Start-ups fail by missing the market needs, 25% because of team failure … cash shortage being the third of the main reasons.”

CB insights, October 2014

What is this about?

Align your product with your Soul

One of the most critical phases for Start-ups begins when initial market interest forces them to leave their familiar creative space and new external expectations need to be met. While initially focused on the realization of a single idea, market constraints, team dynamics and specific technological challenges require new forms of co-working. But to many team members, it feels as if they are betraying the shared culture when new organizational and process requirements appear to signal mistrust, commitments to clients impose deadlines and budgets threaten to limit creativity.

The Gross Corporate Happiness® Accompaniment Process helps to verbalize and safeguard the core elements of the common soul and ensures that it is harmoniously embedded in the market concept, the organizational process design and the future collaboration of an increasingly larger team in order to maintain the shared passion.

How does it work?

Writing the unique genetic code
for the future

Core to the process is embedding the business or product idea into a clearly verbalized ambition which will form the framework for all activitiesin the future. Through elements of storytelling and compilation, those timeless principles will be distilled and jointly agreed with the entire team.

On their basis, an authentic market approach can be designed as well as those generic organizational principles which will ensure credibility through consistency in operations, actions and communication.

  • Finding the Soul

  • Designing organizational principles

  • Designing the business concept

  • Aligning the communication

What do you get?

  • The verbalized Corporate Soul
  • The organizational principles
  • A holistic business concept
  • The raw communication elements
  • “We have seen within the past 18 months a complete transformation of an entire workplace. Not only a new future was build through a strong increase in efficiency, but it was our joint effort, from the little worker to top management who build an unprecedented culture of cooperation”

    Head of Workers’ Council
  • "The Management jointly with the employees in Offenburg have successfully demonstrated how the combination of a clear business focus with spiritual principles like service attitude, honesty and passion, can lead to both, econonmic success and high satisfaction of all workforce. This development became our global benchmark for new aquisitions and turn-around."

  • "Since the factory was taken over by new management, our relationship between customer and supplier can be described in three words: Trust, Service Attitude and Success. In 18 months, a highly complex new contractual relationship was handled with the utmost fairness and honesty and crowned by a price reduction which exceeded by far any contractual obligations. The service attitude is without question and a strong basis for our own business success. Very rarely have we experienced anything alike."

    Former Customer


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